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Victor's Vision's four core programs have been designed to provide impoverished students with the resources, support and guidance necessary to pursue higher education as a means to escape poverty. Students begin working with Victor's Vision in the 2nd grade and continue through college graduation. Victor's Vision classes are capped at an 8:1 student, teacher ratio so that each student receives the individualized attention they need to grow and succeed. Through this model, we believe that any student can pursue and achieve their dreams through higher education.

Acadenic Classes

Acadenic Classes

Through Victor's Vision's after-school programming, underserved youth receive three extra hours of schooling, five days a week in four different subjects beginning in the second grade. Each of Victor's Vision's university certified teachers works with five to ten students to help them with their language arts (reading and writing), math, science and character development. Part of each class is dedicated to homework help, ensuring that the students keep up on their school assignments. The rest of each session is focused on a supplemental curriculum which is designed to help the students catch up on the material that is missing from their public school education but necessary to pursue a university education.

Field Trips

Field Trips

Every year, Victor's Vision students are given the opportunity to participate in three field trips. These experiences include a day trip to Piura, and weekend trips to Chiclayo and Huancabamba, about four hours from Chulucanas. The goal of the field trips is to give students opportunities to broaden their perspective on the world around them and explore areas outside of their community. Victor's Vision firmly believes that such experiences are fundamental in forming well-rounded, university-prepared students.



Living in deep poverty, many Victor's Vision students suffer from malnutrition. In order to ensure that students receive the nutrients necessary to learn and grow, Victor's Vision provides its students with one extra balanced meal every day. Victor's Vision students also learn about the importance of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles through their academic classes.

Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop

Victor's Vision understands that parental support is necessary for student success. While Victor's Vision parents dropped out of school on average by the 6th grade and hold similar expectations for their children, Victor's Vision works with its parents to change such expectations. In addition to signing a contract committing parents to invest in their child's education and take an active role in their schooling, all parents must also attend monthly parent workshops. At these

At these workshops, Victor's Vision staff and families address issues such as education, domestic abuse, and child labor. The workshops also give parents a safe space to discuss topics that are important to them and openly brainstorm ways to support their children.

“Honestly, as a father, Victor’s Vision is a blessing to my family and my son because it has allowed him and us to believe in a better future for our family.”

-Sr. Juaraz Alache
Father of 5th grader, Jairo

Meet Our Students

David Leonidas


is just seven years old and in his second year of Victor’s Vision programming! Though he

is the smallest in his class, David’s energy and fervor in the classroom make him hard to miss. Though both of his parents dropped out of school by the 8th grade, David’s mom is certain that her studious son will one day be a college graduate. David loves spending time with his best friends Anghelo and Jose Luis, doing his homework and playing soccer. When he grows up, David is going to be a policeman!



is a 5th grader at the Escuela Monteverde in Chulucanas. He is an only child, living with both

his mother and father in a small home. Since his parents left school after the third grade, Miguel plans to be the first in his family to finish primary and secondary school, as well as go to college. In addition to playing soccer with his friends, Miguel loves math so when he grows up, he wants to be a civic engineer!



is a 5th grader at the Escuela Monteverde and joined Victor’s Vision in 2012. A hardworking

10 year old, Anderson dreams of being a civil engineer when he grows up! Anderson and his best friend, Miguel, hope to pursue this dream together. Their plan is to finish school together, go to university together and hopefully earn a living as engineers together as well. Anderson loves his Victor’s Vision classes and friends, and is excited to continue with the program into the future!



It’s not hard to believe that she is the oldest in her family of five. Both at home and at

Victor’s Vision, she loves acting like an older sister, helping her siblings and peers whenever she has the chance. When she grows up, Yakori plans to keep helping people by becoming a nurse. In her free time, Yakori likes to go to the park with her family or play sports with her friends! As she works through her second year of Victor’s Vision programming, her teachers and family could not be more impressed with the progress she has made and the leadership she has shown within the program!