Where children learn to dream and dream to learn

Our Vission

Our vision is to empower Latin American youth to dream of a brighter future and to pursue such a dream through higher education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower underprivileged Latin American youth to dream and to achieve their dreams. The key to this is college graduation, so Victor's Vision provides its students with the supplemental academic support, personal and academic guidance, and university scholarships necessary to attain a university degree.

We believe all children have the right to dream and to pursue their dreams. We believe in equal access to all levels of education, regardless of race, class, gender, religion, age or family status. We believe that when provided with the necessary support and guidance, all children can achieve and succeed!

Our Directors

Emily Felsenthal

Emily Felsenthal

Emily is the co-founder and Executive Director of Victor’s Vision. As a student at Villanova University, Emily spent considerable

time living and volunteering throughout Latin America, growing a passion for Latin American culture and working with underprivileged youth. After a week in Chulucanas in 2009, Emily made a personal commitment to better the lives of the children she’d met there; so, in March of her senior year she started Victor’s Vision. Emily graduated from Villanova University in May 2010 with a degree in Spanish and Peace and Justice Studies. Now, Emily is working for UrbanFuture a non-profit that works with students in the St. Louis public school system.

Flor Yarleque


Flor joined the Victor's Vision family in 2012 as a classroom teacher. After growing up in Lima and graduating from the from the

Universidad Particular "San Martin de Porres," Flor moved to Chulucanas and began teaching. Having worked in education fro nearly ten years, Flor brought immense expertise to the program. In 2013, Flor took on the role of Lead Teacher for the program and in 2014 she has assumed the role of Country Director. Through this new role, Flor will apply both her strong academic background and her profound knowledge of the Chulucanas community.

Jessica Jonovski

Jessica Jonovski

Jessica is the Financial Director and Secretary of Victor’s Vision. While studying Economics and International Business at

Villanova University, Jessica developed a deep passion for serving economically underdeveloped areas. Before graduating in May 2010, Jessica traveled with the university, volunteering everywhere from the Philippines to Guatemala. During such travels, her passion for working with the world’s most impoverished communities grew. Jessica now works full time for Proctor and Gamble in Boston, Massachusetts and is thrilled to be working with Victor’s Vision.

Our Staff

Jose Yarleque: 4th Grade Teacher

Jose Yarleque

Jose joined the Victor's Vision team in 2013 after teaching for several years in Chulucanas. Though he graduated with a

degree in education from the Instituto Superior Pedagogico Publico in Piura, he continues to take additional education classes today in order to continue improving his pedagogy. Jose has an intense passion for education, which is made evident by the energy and enthusiasm with which he teaches his 3rd graders at Victor's Vision.

Jose Saavedra: 5th Grade Teacher

Jose Saavedra

In 2013, Jose Saavedra joined the Victor's Vision family as the program's 4th grade teacher. Jose graduated from the Universidad

Nacional Pedro Ruiz Gallo de Lambayeque with a degree in education, specializing in mathematics and computer science. In the classroom, Jose has created an engaging environment where his students know they are loved and will always be learning.

Maria Caridad Campos: 6th Grade Teacher

Maria Cardidad

Maria joined the Victor’s Vision team in 2014 as a sixth grade teacher. Like many of the program’s teachers, Maria has spent most of her life in Chulucanas.

This year, Maria decided to join the program because of her strong conviction to help educate the community’s children. When asked what drew her Victor’s Vision, she explains that she cares deeply about academics but also believes in educating the whole person. She is excited to get involved in Victor’s Vision character and health-education programs this year.

Sharon Yarleque: 7th Grade Teacher

Sharon Yarleque

Victor’s Vision is excited to welcome Sharon to the Victor’s Vision family for the 2014 school year. Born and raised in Chulucanas,

Sharon represents one of the less than 4% of Chulu natives that graduates from university. In 2012 Sharon graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Piura with a degree in education. This year, she will be teaching our 7th grade students- focusing on building students with strong academics and characters!

William Calle Benites: 8th Grade Teacher

William Benites

William joined the Victor's Vision family in 2013 as the program's first high school teacher. Having studied at the Instituto Superior Pedagogico

de Piura, William specialized in math and brings his passion for mathematics to the classroom each day. William has taught math and physics for several years in Chulucanas, and hopes to continue teaching into the future.

Gissela Garcia Lopez: Psychologist

Gissela Garcia Lopez

Gissela joined the Victor’s Vision family in 2013 as the program’s psychologist. Gissela graduated from the Universidad Cesar Vallejo in 2009, and

has been looking for a way to combine her passion for working with children with her degree ever since. As part of the team, Gissela works closely with families providing regular home visits and monthly workshops, plans character-building workshops for the students and facilitates events that build the students’ social-emotional well-being. We are so excited to have her on our team!

Jose Huancas: Computer Teacher

Jose Huancas

Jose Huancas first began with Victor’s Vision in 2011 when he worked with our restaurant partner to ensure all meals were delivered to the program each day.

Since then, Jose has gradually increased his involvement with the program, always looking for more ways to support our children and families. In 2014, Jose took on the role as the computer teacher for the program. With a strong background in technology and a love for working with kids, Jose helps ensure that all of our children will have the technical skills necessary to pursue their dreams.



“I am so proud to be part of Victor’s Vision. I dreamed that my son, Anghelo, would be a professional one day and this program has helped us make that dream a reality. I am so grateful for what this program has done for our family.”

-Sra Preciado
Mother of 3rd grader, Anghelo

Meet Our Students



is a strong-willed, driven Victor’s Vision 8th grader. Though her father died when

she was just 6 and her mother abandoned her when she was 8, Magdalena does not let that stand in her way of achieving her goals. Magdalena’s grandmother signed her up for the program in 2012 after hearing about the additional support if would offer her granddaughter. Her grandmother knew that if Magdalena was going to achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer, she would need additional academic support. Since joining the program, Magdalena has quickly caught up to speed with her high-achieving Victor’s Vision peers and says she now knows that she will one day be a university graduate with a degree in law!



is the kind of kid who wants to conquer the world! When asked what he wants to be when he

grows up, Jairo said he wants to be a famous soccer player and a great policeman. He loves to color and draw, but also loves studying math and doing all of his homework.



was abandoned by both his mother and father when he was just a small child. Now Brayan

lives with his grandmother in a small home in Chulucanas. Unable to afford proper bathroom utilities, Brayan and his grandmother struggle. Despite such struggles, however, 9 year old Brayan is determined to do better in his classes so he can achieve his dream of becoming a policeman when he grows up!



is one of the most energetic and focused students in Victor’s Vision. While during student

soccer games Rosita is always the loudest and most enthusiastic cheerleader, in the classroom she’s always attentive, quiet and working hard. In her free time, Rosita says her favorite thing to do is play volleyball with her friends. Though she is a very talented volley ball player, Rosita is determined to go to college and medical school so she can become a great doctor one day!



is a 4th grader at the Escuela Monteverde. She is the type of student that is

incredibly shy but never afraid to tackle her academic work. Her father is a construction worker in the area and her mom stays home taking care of the family. Estefany loves to help her mom around their home, play with her baby brother and when she grows up, she hopes to be a teacher!